I speak widely on a range of wellbeing topics, including stress management, mindfulness, and women's empowerment. I am available for keynote speaking engagements and for corporate wellbeing workshops both online and in-person.

Workshops can be customised to 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 2 hours in duration, depending on client requirements. 


For further information on my workshop offerings, please see individual workshop descriptions below. Please use the Inquiry tabs to request pricing information or detailed workshop agendas. 

Maintaining Mental Health Whilst WFH

Working from Home

It is important to take active steps to maintain mental wellbeing whilst working from home and to build time into each day for stress management and self-care practices. By making mental health a priority, it is possible to use this time as a catalyst for powerful change and greater mental health awareness.

In this workshop, I will share some simple tips to maintain mental health whilst working from home. Participants will leave this workshop with several new skills to aid with managing stress, including breath work and meditation techniques, postural relief practices, and how to switch-off after work.

Sleep Health and Relaxation

Sleep quality has a major impact on mental wellbeing and productivity, and research studies show that sleep deprivation is linked to a wide range of physical and emotional conditions, especially when sleep issues are chronic and left untreated.

In this workshop, I will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the sleep cycle and insomnia and will detail useful pre-sleep habits, as well as behaviours to avoid before sleep. Participants will leave this workshop with an enjoyable power-down ritual to use nightly before bed, to facilitate falling asleep more quickly and staying asleep throughout the night.

Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Image by krakenimages

Employee mental health is an issue that impacts most organisations, and it is important that managers gain the skills needed to support employees who may be struggling. Managers also need to be aware of their own stress levels whilst helping others, and to look after their own wellbeing 

whilst providing employee support.


In this workshop, I will provide managers with helpful tools to identify and support employees who are struggling with mental health issues. I will also teach managers how to prioritise their own self-care and how to create a healthy work culture from the top down that benefits all employees. 

Introduction to Mindfulness

Image by Katerina Jerabkova

Research studies show that mindfulness can help individuals self-regulate moods and thoughts, and can powerfully increase resilience in the face of life challenges. Mindfulness has also been proven to reduce stress levels and to aid in restoring a sense of calm and balance to modern life.

In this workshop, I will introduce the principles of mindfulness and will teach participants how to incorporate mindfulness practices into their daily life. I will also guide participants through several different mindfulness techniques, so they can experience first-hand the marked benefits of mindfulness on personal wellbeing.

Mindfulness for Cultivating Compassion

Image by Dayne Topkin

Mindfulness practices have been shown to improve compassion and empathy and to increase self awareness, happiness, and healthy lifestyle behaviours. Developing compassion towards oneself and others can lead to more rewarding relationships, enhanced resilience, and greater overall emotional wellbeing.

In this workshop, I will guide participants through a series of mindfulness techniques to cultivate both self-compassion and greater compassion for others. Participants will leave this workshop with an enhanced ability to be more kind and supportive to themselves and more empathic to others in their lives.

How to Maximise Energy Resources

Maximising energy levels throughout the day creates better quality work and increases productivity and overall job satisfaction. Human energy is a renewable resource, and through better understanding of the body's natural cycles, positive energy levels can be boosted and energy slumps avoided.

In this workshop, I will teach how to assess energy levels, how to understand what depletes energy, and how to implement practices to both maximise and renew energy levels throughout the day. I will also address interpersonal energy management and how to say no and set firm boundaries with others.

Relationships and Emotional Health

Happy Friends

Satisfying relationships can have a protective effect on physical health, and high quality relationships are linked to lower stress levels and improved mental wellbeing. Learning how to navigate relationship challenges in a constructive way can help to deepen intimacy, to protect against loneliness, and to create strong, emotionally rewarding bonds with others.


In this workshop, I will teach a variety of communication techniques to help foster healthier interactions. I will also discuss the Drama Triangle, co-dependence, and how to set clear boundaries in order to develop greater authenticity in relationships.

Psychology of the Unconscious

Image by Markus Winkler

Modern life has left our bodies depleted and our minds fragmented, with mental health issues currently growing to epidemic proportions. Individuals commonly report feeling lost and meaningless, and experience a yearning for something greater, deeper, and more meaningful than the typical trappings of outer societal success.

In this engaging and illuminating workshop, I will explain how the psychology of the unconscious can help to shed clearer light on the ailments of modern life, and can also provide a template for uncovering deeper meaning, greater wholeness, and more vitality within one’s personal life. 

WFH and Creating a Positive Daily Routine

Notepad on Desk

Creating a positive daily routine whilst working from home builds healthy work/life boundaries and also provides a sense of stability during times of change and uncertainty. Establishing positive habits during this time reduces stress and anxiety levels and also creates new, healthy behaviours that will benefit overall wellbeing immensely moving forward.

In this workshop, I will teach positive daily practices to enhance wellbeing whilst working from home, including how to set firm boundaries, how to switch-off after work, and how to use relaxation tools on a daily basis to promote balance and calm. 

Resilience and Adaptability

Image by Pablo Azurduy

Cultivating resilience in the face of life challenges helps to reduce stress levels, to establish greater self-confidence, and to develop excellent problem solving skills and a more positive and adaptable outlook on life.

In this workshop, I will cover how to develop  the inner resources necessary to bounce back stronger and more resilient from life difficulties. Participants will leave this workshop with a better understanding of their own resilience levels, with mindfulness practices to greater build resilience and self-compassion, and with the tools necessary to increase self-confidence through a resilience mindset.

Introduction to Stress Management

Image by Drew Coffman

Learning how to manage stress is a critically important skill in our modern world, and reducing stress levels regularly is necessary in order to protect our mental and physical wellbeing. Through a variety of simple techniques, it is possible to switch off the stress response daily, to foster mental calm and relaxation on cue, and to keep both mind and body healthy. 

In this workshop, I will explain the stress response and will detail the impacts of stress on physical and mental health. I will also teach an array of proven techniques to reduce daily stress levels and to empower healthy new habits for greater wellbeing..

Mindfulness for Productivity

Working mindfully can help employees to boost productivity in a healthy and sustainable way and can increase employee satisfaction at work. Mindfulness has also been proven to improve focus and to foster greater innovative thinking, which are invaluable skills in the modern workplace.


In this workshop, I will teach participants how to use mindfulness techniques to improve productivity, to decrease stress levels, and to increase focus and energy at work. Participants will also learn how to prioritise tasks and how to work more mindfully, benefiting both their work productivity and overall mental health.

Work Life 


Balancing the demands of work and personal life can be difficult, but it is important to strike a healthy work/life balance in order to maintain mental and physical wellbeing. By learning to set boundaries around work hours, to relax and de-stress, and to carve out regular space for personal time and enjoyment, it is possible to bring more balance into all areas of life.

In this workshop, I will teach participants a series of practices to bring greater balance into daily life. Participants will also have the opportunity to assess their own personal work/life balance and to understand better how to create the right balance that works for them.

Quietening the Inner Critic

Image by Adi Goldstein

The Inner Critic is a voice that can wield a lot of power, but this harsh voice is very harmful to self-esteem and can block us from actualising our full potential. Learning to quieten the Inner Critic can be truly life-changing and can liberate us to follow our passions and to live life in a more rewarding and enjoyable way.


In this workshop, I will teach techniques to identify, challenge, and de-potentiate the Inner Critic. I will also guide participants on a meditation to detach from critical thoughts, and will explain how to replace the critical inner voice with more supportive internal dialogue. 

Empowering Women

Workshop Series

Friends Taking Selfie

Empowering women not only benefits women on an personal level, but also enables women to bring their immense skill sets more fully into the organisations they work for and to flourish more thoroughly in their personal lives, advancing individuals, society, and culture as a whole.


In this workshop, I will detail how an inherited fear of the feminine impacts all modern individuals today. Through the use of myths and stories, I will show how women can heal deep wounds and release societal constraints. Participants will learn how to claim their full power and assert themselves more within their personal and professional lives.

Dream Interpretation for Deeper Wellbeing

Image by Wolf Zimmermann

Dreams can often appear meaningless or confusing, but by understanding how to interpret their symbolic messages, dreams can instead become profound healing mechanisms for improving our overall wellbeing. By following the unique wisdom of our dreams, we can develop greater psychological wholeness and can live our lives in a more authentic and rewarding way.


In this workshop, I will introduce dream interpretation as a healing art and will identify the main types of dreams and common dream characters. I will also detail how to keep a dream journal and get started recording and interpreting one's own dreams.

Stress and Anxiety over Covid-19

In this workshop, I will discuss some of the emotional and mental impacts of coronavirus induced anxiety, and will introduce several effective coping strategies to help participants decrease their overall stress and anxiety levels throughout this uncertain time.

The workshop will cover distraction techniques to switch-off anxiety, distress tolerance building skills, coping thoughts to help self-soothe when anxious, and a guided meditation to release stressful and anxious thoughts. Participants will leave this workshop better able to self-regulate anxious emotions and with tools to help them relax.

Digital Detox and Technostress

Image by Domenico Loia

Research studies show that digital connectivity affects the structure of the brain, negatively impacts mental health, and also decreases productivity and focus in the workplace. Managing tech related stress and creating healthy boundaries around digital usage is necessary in order to promote wellbeing in the digital age.

In this workshop, I will highlight some simple ways to reduce the impacts of technostress and will help participants evaluate their own digital usage. Participants will leave this workshop with their own personal, digital detox plan and realistic goals to decrease their digital usage moving forward.

Mental Health Awareness for Employees

Work demands can often run contrary to employee wellbeing and can prevent employees from flourishing both in and out of the workplace. Employees often find it difficult to set healthy boundaries and subsequently find their mental health compromised due to chronic work stress and poor work/life balance.


In this workshop, I will teach employees to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health issues and will provide employees with practical techniques to effectively reduce stress and to promote greater balance, benefiting them at work and also improving overall wellbeing.

Mindfulness for Unlocking Creativity

Image by Alice Dietrich

Creativity and flexible problem solving skills are invaluable tools both in and out of the modern workplace. Tuning into and regularly expressing one's innate creativity leads to feelings of inspiration, an increase in innovative thinking, lower stress levels, improved focus and productivity, and a more relaxed and joyful outlook on life. 

In this fun and interactive workshop, I will teach participants how to unlock their own natural creativity, and will guide participants through a series of practices specifically chosen to release creative blocks, to enhance creative thinking, and to cultivate greater daily inspiration.

Mindfulness for Change and Uncertainty

Image by Benjamin Voros

When confronted with change and uncertainty, it is helpful to find greater meaning within challenges. Symbolic thinking can reveal deeper meaning in discomfort, and mindfulness practices can help to cultivate acceptance and to learn to flow with change rather than to fight it. 

In this workshop, I will take participants on a symbolic journey into the unknown, to help shed clearer light on the deeper importance of change and uncertainty. Participants will leave with mindfulness practices to aid them during these times, and with the ability to see greater meaning in challenge and to better accept life changes in stride.

Dealing with


Image by Ben White

Depression is a difficult experience to encounter, regardless of whether it is you or a loved one suffering from it. It can be challenging to admit there is an issue or to find the motivation to ask for support, but help is available for depression and it does not have to be endured in silence.

In this workshop, I will detail some of the signs and symptoms of depression and will describe several avenues of treatment for those who might be suffering. I will also identify thought patterns that can contribute to depression and will teach self-care practices to help participants manage mild to moderate depressive symptoms.

Building Emotional Intelligence

Friends in Nature

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and utilise one’s own emotions to alleviate stress, to develop empathy for others, to communicate constructively, and to deal effectively with life challenges. Emotional intelligence is beneficial both in and out of the workplace and helps to foster more positive relationships and healthier communications with others.

In this workshop, I will lead participants through practical exercises to both assess and deepen their emotional intelligence skills, and I will also introduce mindfulness techniques to increase emotional awareness and to promote mindful communication with others.

The Heroic Journey: How to Live an Epic Life

Myths are powerful, symbolic stories with the ability to help individuals on their journey through life, by providing a template on how to reach a place of transformative fulfilment. Myths can be used as a road map to guide us through times of uncertainty, and to inspire us to continue on heroically towards achieving our greater goals.

In this workshop, I will use myths and stories to teach participants about the heroic path of greater psychological development. Participants can expect to be amused and entertained by these teaching tales, and also to be deeply inspired to embark on their own heroic journey of transformation.