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I am a former model and aerial performer turned public speaker, lecturing internationally on mental health awareness, eco-psychology, and emotional wellbeing. After my BA in psychology and my performing careers, I followed an inner call to continue my studies in psychology and spirituality. I travelled to Japan and India to train as a yoga instructor, afterwards receiving my Certification in Stress Management and my Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy in London.


My personal journey includes a year of globetrotting on a solitary remote-working travel adventure, deeply immersing myself in various wildernesses spanning Europe and Central and North America, whilst simultaneously undertaking a programme of guided research and praxis into ancient Goddess mythological rituals and texts. After returning from this time of inner and outer exploration, I enrolled in an MA in Ecology and Spirituality.

My multi-faceted career revolves around a lifelong passion for psychology, women's empowerment, and the study of the unconscious mind. I embody the personal growth and healthy, balanced living values that I stand for, and I draw from numerous disciplines to create holistic workshops that address wellbeing in a fun, engaging, and inspirational way.

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