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An Anarchist Lexicon for Re-Defining Christmas

A Dis-Orderly Re-Defining of the Holi-daze and Spreading Christmas Sneer for all to Hear

Blitzmas n: 1. a period of rapid/rabid bombardment of 'tis the season' capitalistic commandments and visual and auditory pollution for weeks on end all throughout the holi-daze, 2. Alternate name for Crass-much. See Crass-much

Blizt-massy adj: entirely appropriate physical symptoms of Blitzmas Overload such as headache, dizziness, nausea, exhaustion, insomnia, indigestion, and generalized dis-ease, for which "doctors" or the/rapists will inevitably cash-in on blaming you for.

Crass-much n: 1. the trashy, unrelenting commercial carnival of patriarchy masquerading as a holiday, imposed upon all humans in Westerndom regardless of "religious" beliefs, 2. a crass knockoff of the Birth of the Sun, which functions to erase memory of the Original and to man-ufacture boredom, pre-occupation, fake busyness, overconsumption, and endless craving through enforced celebration of an unfulfilling junk substitute, 3. a Reversal Holiday which pretends to celebrate "birth," but which actually con-trives death, through the ritualized Mass Mother Murder of Trees, "poinsettia plants," wreaths, etc., chemically drenched in cancer-causing poisons, killed and dolled up, then callously dumped as trash afterwards, 4. a Sham Holiday where any amount of weeks-long consumption can be selectively forgotten and rationalized through the simple act of showing face at church on Sunday.

Crass-mass n: 1. the unsuspecting, complicit masses who are referred to as "consumers," but who are actually consumed throughout the "season" by the Master Cannibals at large, 2. obedient masses to the godfathers' religious commandment to Crass-mass shop (sop), obsess, wrap, bake, and decorate, draining their time, energy, focus, money, and life-force directly into The System that not only wills to devour, but is right on schedule to annihilate all life on earth as we know it.

Crass-mass sopping n: 1. one of the main commandments of patriarchy and slippery sops of the Master Baiters, v: 2. the act of holi-dazed consumerism to be engaged in without reflection, question, or resistance, 3. the passive act of consenting to administered additional work/drudgery and enforced tithing of hard-earned money straight back to the criminal godfathers who "gift" merely the illusion of a "holiday," an illusion which must be personally paid for through both increased spending and increased work hours via the act of slip/slopping around Crass-mass sopping itself.

Crass-mass gifts n: 1. typical patriarchal poisons in their various man-infestations, (i.e. microplastic "children's toys"; sugary sweets and junk food; synthetic, petro-chemically derived "scented candles;" toxic, endocrine-disrupting "beauty products;" forever-chemically-drenched "waterproof" outdoor apparel for that "nature lover" in your life, and so on) which masses of people are tricked into paying for the privilege of dragging into their homes and gifting to their innocent children/elderly/pets/Selves, unwittingly hastening their likelihood of joining the multi-billion-dollar Cancer Industrial Complex, 2. Cheap Tricks masquerading as treats, which not only pollute their recipients, but inevitably wind up discarded in a landfill along with heaps of Tree Corpses and the like, in this one giant Frenzy of Necrophilia packaged and sold as a celebration of "life."

Crass-mass muzak n: 1. Crass, mass religious indoctrination masquerading as music. 2. universal restriction of auditory choice pervading the entirety of Westerndom throughout the holi-daze, 3. patriarchal imperatives set to music, which are sometimes, but not always, cloaked in "secular" garb while still dispensing the main "truisms" of daddydumb (i.e. Santa Baby, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, etc), 4. blatant auditory proof of the delusory nature of the "separation of church and state."

Crass-munch n: 1. typical shit food pedaled to the crass-mass during Crass-much (i.e. candy canes, fruitcake, eggnog, factory farmed meat), v: 2. the prescribed act of gorging during the holi-daze followed by shame-spiraling afterwards, then getting funneled by the Man-ipulators straight into the next man-ufactured purchasing craze of "new year's resolutions" (i.e., gym memberships, weight loss schemes, personal trainers, "supplements"), 3. the holi-daze munchies.

Christmas sneer adj: 1. a healthy, instinctive emotional response once an appropriate dis-illusionment of the Crass-much holi-daze sets in, v: 2. the act of waking up from the holi-daze of Crass-much, passing the "Forbidden Fruit" of in-sight onto others (i.e., "spreading christmas sneer"), and subsequently ejecting from The Great Biblical Hoax forever, 3. the Self-willed act of Freeing Your Mind through wholesale rejection of the man-ufactured holi-daze, greatly facilitated by simply re-turning to any one of Mother Nature's Original Seasonal Holidays that Crass-much shamelessly ripped off.

Holi-daze adj. 1. to be dazed and con-fused into celebrating fake holidays.

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