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I am a multi-disciplinary clinical hypnotherapist, fusing techniques from Eriksonian hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, and analytical hypnotherapy, and using an intuitive approach to tailor individualised treatments to each of my client’s unique needs.


Hypnotherapy is an effective and well-established treatment that can aid in the improvement of a variety of different conditions, such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, weight management, smoking cessation, and performance issues. The process of hypnotherapy is a collaborative one between therapist and client, where a safe and trusting space is created, and specific client-centred goals are established. The therapist guides the client into a state of deep relaxation that bypasses the conscious mind, and in this pleasant mind state similar to the cusp of sleep, positive suggestions are given to powerfully facilitate meaningful life changes.


I am passionate about hypnotherapy as an invaluable tool for lasting change. I am known for my warm, calming energy, and for my holistic approach to therapy, which is further influenced by my background as a yoga teacher. I infuse elements of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and breath work into my therapeutic sessions, helping my clients identify and clear any blockages that are holding them back from their ideal life, and aiding my client’s holistically to create the positive futures and beneficial outcomes they aspire to.


In addition to working one-on-one with clients, I also present and teach globally on the benefits of hypnosis for stress management, anxiety prevention, sleep health, and general mental wellbeing.


I am a member of the governing body of hypnotherapists: BSCH

Session Information

Initial hypnotherapy and stress management sessions last 90 minutes and subsequent follow-up sessions last 60 minutes. I work together with all of my clients to tailor sessions to their own unique needs and desired outcomes. 

For more information on hypnotherapy or one-to-one stress management sessions, or to schedule a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation, please click on individual treatment options below.


Stress Management

Hypnotherapy is excellent to help alleviate work related stress, family stress, stress due to illness, or any general work/life balance issues. In addition to hypnotic intervention, you will also receive education around the fight & flight and rest & digest responses in the body.


Hypnotherapy will empower you with the tools needed to relax on cue through a variety of different techniques, in order to better self-manage stress and anxiety. You will also receive training in proper breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, mindfulness thought-stopping techniques, and instant de-stressor techniques.


This is generally a 3-session course of treatment, but could be longer if additional sessions are needed.

Weight Management

Hypnosis can help with weight management, poor eating habits, specific food addictions (i.e. chocolate), and any stress related snacking or emotional eating.


Treatment will include hypnotic intervention, goal setting for healthy foods and exercise, dealing with any unhelpful beliefs or thoughts that lead to weight gain, ego strengthening and self-confidence boosting to aid motivation, and weekly homework exercises to maintain progress.


A general course of therapy for weight management is typically 3-5 sessions, but this varies from individual to individual. Top-up sessions can also be helpful to maintain positive changes and motivation over time.

Quitting Smoking

Hypnotherapy can help to provide the confidence, motivation, and willpower to quit smoking or vaping and can also help to focus you on remaining committed to your new, positive and healthy achievement of living life as a non-smoker.


Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is a 1-session, 90-minute course of treatment, and treatment is targeted to each client’s individual smoking habits, helping to replace habitual smoking habits with more beneficial behaviours, desensitising personal smoking patterns and triggers, and helping to provide the additional self-belief necessary to transition into a new, powerfully transformative and healthy way of living.


Hypnotherapy can help to give you that extra confidence needed to become a non-smoker and to remain committed to this positive and healthy you.

Performance Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can help to boost confidence before a performance or can help with any performance related anxieties or phobias, such as fear of public speaking. Treatment would include ego strengthening, self-esteem and self-confidence building, training in self-hypnosis to use pre-performance, and rehearsal of all stages of performance under hypnosis.


As performance enhancement for sport, treatment can also help increase confidence before specific sporting events and generally aid self-belief and preparation pre-competition.


A 3-session minimum is recommended, however in last minute - emergency pre-competition situations - a one-off 90-minute session can be offered.


Treatment for insomnia includes addressing problems of falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, or waking up early. Your sleep routine will be analysed in order to assess any problem areas impacting your sleep quality, and treatment will be personalised to positively impact your individual sleep pattern and sleep goals.


In addition to hypnotic intervention to help increase sleep quality and duration, education around sleep hygiene and proper sleeping habits will also be provided. You will also be taught self-hypnosis for sleep, along with breathing exercises to use before bed or throughout the day to increase relaxation whenever is needed.


Generally treatment for insomnia lasts 3-4 sessions, however this varies from individual to individual.

Pampering Session

The hypnotic state in and of itself is incredibly relaxing and healing for both body and mind. Hypnotic pampering includes a relaxing journey to a peaceful mind state, along with general feel-good suggestions to boost confidence, life satisfaction, and overall feeling of wellbeing and peace.


If you could use a blissful holiday but only have 90 minutes to spare, this hypnotic pampering session is for you.


Hypnotic pampering also makes for a great gift, and treatment will help to restore a deep sense of relaxation and tranquillity to the recipients body and mind.

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